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Health Update - 11/20/21


With respect to the recommendations handed down by the State of Washington regarding COVID-19, Hope Church Oak Harbor recognizes the growing concern and potential divisiveness that restrictions can bring to the church. We understand that although all people over the age of 5 are able to be vaccinated, our desire is to be safe. We know that there are brothers and sisters in Christ who land on both sides of the issue so we see the necessity of writing out a statement for the purpose of uniting ourselves under Christ.

Hope Church will not discriminate against those who are vaccinated and those who are unvaccinated. We believe this decision to be a matter of one's personal faith and conviction and that it is God's heart to welcome all that would come into our midst as He is our ultimate Protector, Healer, and Provider. With vaccination being a personal decision, we will not be inquiring about the vaccination status of those who come to our church.

For our gatherings, we will be observing the following recommendations:

  • General - If you are sick, please stay home to recuperate. There are online options for you to participate in the church community.  

  • Missional Communities/Life Groups - With regard to the Secretary of State order 20-03.6, we will not be requiring (but certainly not discouraging) masks "at small indoor gatherings at a private residence". If a gathering is consistently over 12 people (Praise God!), we will multiply the community in order to create space for more people to join and to limit the possibility of spreading COVID-19. 

  • Public Gatherings - Since we currently gather as a larger community once a month at The Center in Oak Harbor, we will observe our local and state guidelines regarding masking. If you fall under the exempt or exception list, you are not required to wear a mask. That list is in the Secretary of State order found above. These gatherings will also be streamed via Facebook Live.

With the Love of Christ,

Pastor Matthew Erikson

Pastor Dan Moushey

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